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When I am not playing on the computer, doing the housewife stuff or mindlessly flipping through TV channels I like to do the following:

I have four children and four grandchildren.  Keeping up with them keeps my young and makes me old at the same time.  Some trick huh?  I have Emily (24), Anna (21), John (17) and Katrina (14).  The grandchildren are Ryan (4), Catherine (3), Jessica (3) and Ryan (2).  All are adorable.

Also adorable but is the best at getting on my nerves is Gabe, the 3 month old German Shepard puppy.  He is snow white and thinks that everything is a chew toy, much to the dismay of Pugie (an older dog) and the two cats, Fly and Tigger.    

I like to read.  My favorite authors are Gordon Dickson, Mercedes Lackey, and Anne McCaffrey.  My favorite series are the Pern Chronicles by Anne McCaffrey, the Flinx series by Allen Dean Foster, and anything in the Valdemar series by Mercedes Lackey.  However that does not preclude me from reading anything in any other genre of escapist literature.

My favorite movies are L.A. Confidential and The Usual Suspects.  I tend to like the bang, bang type of movie and don't go in for the romantic or horror types. 

The two TV shows that I actually will make an effort to watch are The Pretender and Profiler.  In other words, don't ask me to go out on a Saturday night!   (Just kidding)

I like to go out for coffee.  I like coffee and good companionship and they go together well sitting in a cafe.  

I chat on ICQ using the name IMHarmless, on AOL Instant Messinger using Harmless93, and on Yahoo Messinger using Harmless1995.



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