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These are some of my favorite sites. 

So grab a cup of coffee and explore.

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Excite This is my start page for when I get on the internet. 

The Oklahoman Online I check this every day, usually to see if my agency is in the news.

Oklahoma Department of Corrections Home Page This is my start page at work.  It has all sorts of information on the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.  Even has a link if you are interested in working for the department.  A more direct route would be to e-mail Pauletta Jones

Body-Mind QueenDom This is a good site for a laugh or some introspection. Interactive Comedy! Good for when you are in the mood for the strange.

N'SYNC This isn't my site but my daughters favorite link to her favorite group.

Below are some of the sites that friends of mine have created: (I will add more as I get them)

Angela's Page



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