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To the Man I Someday Will Marry



I don't need you to pay bills,

I get them but barely.

When I have to empty mousetraps,

I do it with ease, almost.

When the car needs fixing,

I call a mechanic.

When its time to weatherproof,

It only takes twice the time.

When things go bump in the night,

I shakily yell "who's there."

 I need you, at a sunrise

that begs to be shared.

When I am lonely and

need a loving touch.

When Dear Abby makes a point.

When I laugh and when I cry.

When I need someone to say "I care."

Someone to hold me.

 Love isn't always moonlight and fireworks.

Love is the ebb and flow of daily life,

triumphs and tragedies,

petty irritations, and gentle smiles,

shared with your lover, friend,

trusted advisor and confident.

I need you for the things

that only you can give me.

I need you for today

and for the tomorrows.

I need you as hopefully you need me.

Carol Wekar



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