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Kat's Lair

My Creative Side...

My Creative Side...

I wrote these when my class was studying the holocaust in school. We had a concentration camp survivor speak to the class. The assignment was to write poems about the holocaust in hopes that we would gain some understanding of what it was like.

Just Like Us

We all walk back into another restless camp
Back into more pain and loss
Our own selves want to kill us
Our own people want to destroy our race
They dont understand they are just like us

Why do they want to kill us
Why do they want to destroy our race
Is it because we are different
Or because they truly hate us

They dont understand they are just like us


Here we go
Out of the dreadful camps
Finally we can live our lives in peace
I will go home and see my family
Finally we will be together
I can be with my friends
Finally we can play again
I walk to one of the trains
Step on and we move
We get to my home town
But all I see is ashes
I break down on my knees and cry
I know I will be going back
So I step back on the train
So there goes all those wonderful dreams

Here I Stand

Here I stand
Stand with my arms raised
Wishing I still had my mother
The Nazis killed her
For that I am frightened
Scared of what they might do

Will the pain ever end?
A Nazi comes toward me
He takes my arm and leads my away
I cannot keep my eyes open
The world gets darker
Now I will see my mother again


Sitting here in this box-car
Holding my child
Hoping for a sign from God
The sign that will set us free
The sign that will let us dream
The sign that will tell us we will not be hurt anymore
People die around me
I can do nothing for them
I am helpless
So I sit here
Holding my child
Waiting for that sign from God
Will it ever come?

The Little Rebels

The young ones walk to their secret places
I know what they plan
They are planning a way to make us free
Free like the birds that fly above us
I wish I could join their crusade
I am too weak
They will set us free
Those little rebels


Strength is what pulled us through
Strength is how we grew
Strength is what makes us go
Strength keeps us alive
It makes us strive
Strive for freedom

Strength is not in the arms or legs
But in the heart
That is how we stayed alive in the worst of times
Strength is what pulled us through
Strength is what will pull us through everything


I see all the punished people walk by
I had beaten them because they were different
Now they are going home
Going home to find nothing

I walk away from the bloody gate
Away from the place of death
The place owned by hate

People stare and curse at me
I just keep walking slowly away
All I want from them now is forgiveness
I would get down on my knees
But I know they will not forgive
They cannot forget so much hate

I am now nearing my own house
The house I left years ago
I left to join the Nazis
I joined for what I thought was right

I step inside
I do not see my family, only long ago friends
They only look up and reach for their weapons

Now as I lie down for the last time
I remember watching the people go
They were going back to their homes
They would only find what I found
That they had no more life

And now I close my eyes for the last

The Chambers

The people scream out in agony
I watch them walk into the huge building that is close by
And I know that they will die
The gas of hatred will consume them
I also know that I will be beside them
I will breath in the disgusting fumes

The line is getting shorter
Almost my turn
My heart pounds like a small rabbit
Some believe they will be taking showers
I know the ugly truth

They grab my arm and push me forward
Forward to my final destination
I walk into the small room with several other Jews
We hear the creaking of the so- called faucets
I see the smoke and hold my breath
But not even hope could save me from this death