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I see all the punished people walk by

I had beaten them because they were different

Now they are going home

Going home to find nothing


I walk away from the bloody gate

Away from the place of death

The place owned by hate


People stare and curse at me

I just keep walking slowly away

All I want from them now is forgiveness

I would get down on my knees

But I know they will not forgive

They cannot forget so much hate


I am now nearing my own house

The house I left years ago

I left to join the Nazis

I joined for what I thought was right


I step inside

I do not see my family, only long ago friends

They only look up and reach for their weapons


Now as I lie down for the last time

I remember watching the people go

They were going back to their homes

They would only find what I found

That they had no more life


And now I close my eyes for the last…


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